10 Sustainable Products at Anthropologie

Sustainable Products at Anthropologie

Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores. I love how dainty and whimsical most of their products are! They also have a great deal of items that are eco-friendly but here are my favorite sustainable products at Anthropologie as of July 2020

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Zero waste kitch

Available in both 16 oz and 12 oz !

This cute little coffee cup is made of tempered soda lime glass with a cork holder! Perfect for a stylish and eco-friendly person on the go!

It has a ton of 5-star ratings and basically a cult following, go grab it!

Limit your waste while you are on your period with these menstrual cups!

They come in two sizes to suit your needs and are chemical free.

Get it for $47!

Anthropologie sustainable

This is one of my favorite compost bins! So minimalist but also functional.

It comes in both white or grey and is the perfect size for a counter-top.

Get it for $42

Check out my other post for more Modern Compost Bins!

First off, I just started using Swedish Dishcloths and I love them! They are compostable when you are finished, easily cleaned, and ultra absorbent. 

These ones are Anthro are super cute and a great price for a two-pack!

Get 2 for $8

Sustainable products at Anthropologie

This is one of the most unique sustainable finds at Anthropologie! The bottle is made of stainless steel and non-toxic EVA foam exterior. 

Perfect for workouts at home now that many of us are not able to use a foam roller at their gym!

Get the 27 oz bottle for $50 and the 40 oz for $60

Sustainable products at anthropologie

One of the main reasons why I will use single use plastics for water is because I don’t have a water bottle on hand and don’t want to carry one around.

Cue in the Que Collapsible Bottle! This product is perfect for people like me and can be easily thrown in your purse or other bag. It comes in three colors and is WAY too cute.

Get it for $25

Lacausa is one of my favorite sustainable clothing brands. All of their items are made ethically with an eco conscious mindset.

This jacket is made of 100% cotton and is machine washable (thank god). Perfect for a lightweight cover in the summer or fall!

Get it for $165

Sustainable products from anthropologie

Plastic-free lip balm is becoming mainstream and I am so glad! As someone with dry lips I always have lip-balm on me but I always feel bad about the container when I am finished (if I can even keep track of the tube for that long). 

The Meow Meow lip balm comes in two flavors coconut cocoa and sweet orange tangerine and the packaging is biodegradable! Oh and like the title says, the products are vegan!

Get it for $14

Beeswax wraps are a great beginning product for a low-waste household! They are easy to clean and very versatile.

I picked these because the blue tie-dye pattern is adorable and fulfills the tie-dye dreams we are all having right now!

Get a three-pack for $24

sustainable products at anthropologie

I have never seen this style of Birkenstock before but I foresee it being a big seller. The style is so cute and the leather top has a cute shimmer!

Why include this item on a sustainability list? Birkenstock is a shoe brand that prides themselves on being eco-friendly. The main material in their shoes is cork, a natural and sustainable material. 

Get these for $140

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