30 Things to do While You’re Stuck Inside

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It is a strange time we are living in, I for one never thought there would be an international pandemic during my lifetime.

During times like this, in times of uncertainty, it is important to prioritize your mental health. Something I have been discussing with my patients in my day job is to find a way to use your time alone constructively. Do something that excites you! Start a new hobby, find a side-hustle, prioritize self-improvement.. the list can be endless if you change your mindset.

Try to think of this time as a unique experience and make it a time you will look back on and have good memories! Here are some ideas I came up with to do alone that prioritize self-improvement and self-care.

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels
  1. Have a Harry Potter marathon and join the wizarding world
  2. Get Dressed and practice proper hygiene every day. I know its tempting to wear your PJs every day but that will get old fast.
  3. Go for walks. Keep proper social distance but remember that it is important to get fresh air!
  4. Clean out your car. I definitely need to do this one…
  5. Start doing watercolor paint-by-numbers
  6. Throw yourself a fancy brunch and maybe even sip on a mimosa
  7. Take a bath, do a face mask, and relax. Make it a full spa!
  8. Start a blog. That’s what I did lol… I use SiteGround (affiliate link) as my hosting and it is about $4 per month
  9. Give yourself a full mani-pedi complete with cuticle cutting
  10. Have a zoom happy hour with your friends
  11. Drink a sufficient amount of water. Find out how much you should drink here 
  12. Create a vision board
  13. Light candles, dim the lights, and do Yoga. There are a ton of free classes on youtube if you cannot afford to stream one
  14. Deep clean a room in your house and then do another room each week
  15. Order yourself a subscription box. CrateJoy (affiliate link) has so many options for many different hobbies or interests
  16. Do 20 squats, push-ups, and crunches every day. Make sure to get those endorphins flowing!
  17. Pick up pottery. This is definitely something I’m going to pick up and I am excited about it!
  18. Have a fancy dinner... order your favorite take out food or bake your favorite meal and create a fancy table setting
  19. Binge “Tiger King” on Netflix it is seriously so good
  20. Start a home improvement project plenty of hardware stores are doing in-store pick up!
  21. Learn how to make fancy coffee drinks like Starbucks. Enjoy the white mocha from your own kitchen
  22. Write letters to your friends or family. I LOVE getting mail this will surely bring someone a smile
  23. Choose one trusted news source. This one is important, there is so much fake news going around and especially during the COVID-19  outbreak, it can be toxic. 
  24. Allow yourself a day to do nothing. While I don’t condone doing this every day, it can be nice to let yourself do this without judgment
  25. Clean out your closet. Sell them on Poshmark from the comfort of your home. Find out how in my other post!
  26. Start doing puzzles. Even Kylie Jenner enjoys them and says they are “underrated” I agree, Kylie.
  27. Make a scrapbook!
  28. Practice a new language. My favorite app for it is Duolingo.
  29. Make an Emergency Kit. See how on a website made by the government.
  30. Snuggle with your pet and give them all the love in the world

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