Selling on Poshmark: 5 Tips to be Successful

Photo by bongkarn thanyakij from Pexels

Selling on Poshmark is a great way to make a side income. Here is a peek into what I’ve learned about reselling since starting my journey back in the Summer of 2019.

Hope this helps you become a #POSHBOSS

1. Take Clear and Bright Photos that show the WHOLE Item

At first, I took pictures on the back of my bathroom door. Let’s just say I am embarrassed that those pictures still show up in my sold listings.

This is a method I know other people think will work when they start reselling. I mean, hey, its a clear white surface that you can use an over the door hanger-on. But from a buyer standpoint, it does not scream luxurious to have door hinges in the background and likely poor lighting. Instead, a simple way to take cute pictures is a white wall with natural light.

2. Use Quality Hangers that are Consistent in Your Photos

Once again you want to come off as a high-quality brand no matter the items you sell. If you want others to take your business seriously, you have to first.

I went to the goodwill outlet and got a wood shirt and pant hangers. Cheap, cute, and easy!

3. Package Items in a Cost-effective Manner

I constantly see people spending a ton on making their packaging cute. If it brings you joy then, by all means, do it. But form a business standpoint, it is not responsible to be spending a large amount on the packaging.

Check out what I use to package my items in my other post

4. Get a Steamer

This is a must for selling on Poshmark. I waited way too long to get one. It makes your garments look amazing in pictures not to mention it disinfects the clothing you source from the thrift store.

So basically it is a must.

5. Create a Brand for Your Closet

By this, I do not mean only carry one type of clothing. You will learn what sells for you as time goes on. But rather, pick a username that embodies the seller you want to be and create an Instagram to share your journey.

The Instagram community for selling on Poshmark is huge and you will surely generate traffic to your closet by making one!

So there you have it, 5 ways to start off strong on Poshmark. Happy Poshing!

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  1. Great tips! Still trying to figure out how to create a brand for myself and my posh closet! Maybe you can make another blog post about how you created your brand?

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