Affiliate Programs for Bloggers and Influencers

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Affiliate programs are a way for bloggers and influencers to get money by referring people to a product.

Usually, companies will give you a custom tracking link and when someone uses that link you will get a small percentage of the sale. Personally, I regret doing some affiliate programs with smaller percentages and I try to stick to around 10%

It is also important to remember to advocate for products that you are passionate about. Your readers trust you, do not lose that!


I spent so long wondering if people would be interested in my as an affiliate and what not. You may get rejected from a few but if you don’t even try you are already rejected by every brand!

Believe that people want to read what you have to say and trust your opinion!

Where should you start?

Share a Sale

Share a Sale is the beginner affiliate program.

How it works is companies run their programs through this website. 

For example, I am an affiliate though Crate Joy (affiliate link) and I signed up for it through Share a Sale

To get accepted you generally need a website with an email associated with it i.e. [email protected]

Amazon Affiliates

Amazon Affiliates is another great program to get started out on. I got approved almost instantly for it. How it works is you find products on their website you want to share with your readers and then they embed your tracking link into the product.

For example: Reusable Cotton Pads would track to me for this product 

You can also use HTML for the links and get product pictures and amazon icons with the product on your page.

You do have to make 3 sales in 180 days or they will delete your account!


This is a good platform for people who are sticking to instragram.  Influenster is a platform where you can get free items and maybe even cash (?).

While I don’t generally use it I know people who have and it can be really fun! You basically review products and then companies start sending you items to review!

Maybe one day you will even get the mystical VoxBox

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliates is another platform similar to Share a Sale where it coordinates programs for you and the product. 

I will say that CJ Affiliate has a few more brands that I am interested in for the direction of my blog. But that is something that you will need to look into for your own brand!

"Cold Call"

No not in the old sense of calling a company. But reach out to brands that you love! Show initiative for your business and I am sure places will love that.

One common thing I do is google a website’s name with affiliate after it. A lot of companies have them hidden on their sites and this uses SEO so you can discover them!

Free Access to More Affiliate Programs

For being here early on my blogging journey, HERE is access to my google sheet with affiliate programs I have found so far that cater to reselling, budgeting, and eco-friendly products.

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