B&G Trading Box Review

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

As a reseller I have been searching different  avenues for sourcing. Mainly I stick to the Goodwill Outlet (Bins) for my inventory because  of:

          1. Low overhead costs
          2. Sustainability- by going there you are literally saving clothes from the landfill

Recently though, I reached out to B&G Trading about using them as a source of inventory. They have new clothing that was liquidated from major retailers. 

The box that I received from them was a Nordstrom and Revolve Premier 10-Piece bundle (affiliate link). Unboxing video below! Overall, I was pleasantly surprised! Those MOTHER jeans at the end were flat out amazing. 

P.S. Please forgive the quality… My first ever video (I know needs some work)

Please note that affiliate links do not cost you anything extra but give me a small percentage of your sale. I would not endorse anything I would not buy myself.

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