Budget-Friendly Packaging for Poshmark

Blank Note Cards for Thank You Notes

I have used these for months now and I love them. You can either print a design on them or make a handcrafted piece!

Costco White Tissue Paper

This golden item is only around during the Holidays from my understanding, but it is an AMAZING deal. 400 sheets for about $6.00 and it is sturdier than other kinds!

Tweed from the Dollar Tree

Now, I know every Dollar tree has different items. But around me, you can get a three-pack of tweed for $1.00 which is an amazing deal for such a versatile item! Make sure to get the package in the home-improvement aisle, there is another product in the garden department that only has one in the package!

Packing Tape from the Dollar Tree

This stuff works great and is only a dollar. What beats that? The only kicker is that it does not come with a packing tape dispenser so you will need to use one from a different role. That means buying one regular priced role. But hey, its an investment!

Free Boxes and Labels from USPS

How to Assemble the Items in this Post!

That’s right. FREE. Poshmark has a deal with USPS that sellers are allowed to use Priority Mail Boxes for their items. But please note that you cannot use Priority Mail Express boxes- they have a blue label, unlike the red.

Click here to get to USPS’s Shipping Supplies.

Another hack I have learned is to use Priority Mail shipping labels for your Poshmark labels. A post on how to do this is coming soon!

Reuse Old Boxes

Bonus points if you reuse amazon boxes from friends and family #sustainability

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