How-to Use USPS Free Shipping Labels for Poshmark

Who doesn’t love free? 

An important part of running a small business is keeping your costs low. Low cost means more money in your pocket. USPS has free shipping supplies that Poshmark users are allowed to use. Including USPS free shipping labels. And good news, they do not charge to ship them to you!

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HERE is a link to the labels on USPS’s website

1. Change label size to 4"x6" on Poshmark

2. Set printer to EnvDL on a Mac and Envelope DL on a PC

Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 7.56.58 PM

3. Set Scale to Custom and then to 90%

This is important because you do not want the label to be too small like I have seen others post. It is hard for the post office to read the information on it and more likely that the item gets returned to you.

What the finished  product should look like!

I know I blurred a lot of it out, but notice how the tracking number and barcode are still quite large. This is the most important part for USPS to be able to track the package!

Thanks for reading! Do any of you have any other tips for low-cost or free shipping supplies?

Let me know below!

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