How I Paid a Month’s Rent with My Side Income

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Paying rent with money from my side hustle means more money in my savings account which is what I like to see! I do many things on the side and most of them are passive income. The important thing to remember with this post is that little money does add up. Don’t get discouraged by $3 here or $5 there, you will get to your savings goal!

The proof!

Below are my side hustles that helped me earn my rent for April!

Chime Banking

One of the best things I did for myself was create a separate account for my business. This includes my money from reselling, blogging, and all other passive income. You have to treat your business like one and then milestones like paying for rent will be that much more special.

Use my link and we will both get $50 in our accounts when you direct deposit $200 in one transaction into your account in the first 45 days of having it. 

I have already made $150 from doing this so it adds up if you have friends, family, or readers interested in another banking account.



Poshmark is my main source of income on the side. I have made several thousand dollars since starting in August 2019. It may take a while to get the hang of, but once you figure out your niche, money will roll in!

Check out my other post on how to start off strong on Poshmark HERE


This is my favorite rebate app. The way I go about it is to scan my receipts after the fact, not basing what I buy on what is on there. That way it feels like a bonus and is not as much work. Making it more of passive income.

If you’re not using Ibotta I definitely recommend it, sign up using  my link HERE

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are a way for bloggers and influencers to get money by referring people to a product.

Usually, companies will give you a custom tracking link and when someone uses that link you will get a small percentage of the sale. Personally, I regret doing some affiliate programs with smaller percentages and I try to stick to around 10%.

It is also important to remember you do not want to advocate for a product you are not passionate about because, well frankly, thats not good business.

How to get accepted into these you may ask?

A good place to start is Share a Sale although, to get accepted you generally need a website with an email associated with it i.e. [email protected]

Another way to get free products and maybe even cash is Influenster while I don’t generally use it, I know people who have and it can be really fun! You basically review products and then companies start sending you items to review!

Lastly, to get affiliates, I do the good old cold call. I email companies I am passionate about or I think fit my brand and ask if they would be interested. It doesn’t always work, but it is worth a shot!


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