Modern Compost Bin for a Small Kitchen

Compost Bin for Kitchen

Photo by Niki Nagy from Pexels

Composting is a small action we can take to help our environment. All to often, I hear, “Let’s be real, no one is going to compost.” Why though? 

I know I have become complacent when it comes to composting too. But lets be in it together and get excited about it!

What holds me back from composting?

  1. The smell
  2. Counter Space
  3. Taking the Compost Outside
  4. The Look

You have to be excited about doing something to stick to it! Being in a small apartment, it is important to me to have one that can either be hidden or is attractive on the counter while also functional!

Below are the Functional and Modern Compost Bins I Found

Please note: There are affiliate links in this article. You pay nothing extra but I get a small commission from your purchase. I would also never advocate for a product that I did not believe in!

1. Bamboozle Compost Bin

Compost Bin for Kitchen

This is one of my favorite bins I found. It comes in two colors and is dishwasher safe. That way you wont have to worry about handing cleaning it especially if you forget to take it out for too long!

2. Stone Stack 4 Food Waste Caddy

Compost Bin for Kitchen

I found this one on Zulilly HERE

There are a few things I love about this compost bin. First off, it is sleek and clean. I also like the flip top opening. It makes it a little easier to put food in there than having to take the lid off fully. It also has a pretty good price!

3. Retro Blue Powder-Coated Carbon Steel - Kitchen Pail

Compost Bin for Kitchen

I LOVE this bin! It does not fit my personal aesthetic but I think it would be great for the right person. Cute and fucntional, who doesn’t love that?

It comes with 7 free filters and reviews say that it is easy to clean!

4. Stainless Steal Compost Bin

Compost Bin for Kitchen

My favorite part about this bin is the design. I love the pale blue with the font that “Compost” is written in. The interior bin is dishwasher safe and the charcoal filters can be washed and reused to cut down on costs and reduce the smell.

5. Wood and Stainless Steel Kitchen Compost Bin

Compost Bin for Kitchen

This bin is available at World Market HERE

The bin is disguised in a modern wood shell. While it does not have a spot for filters, none of the reviews mentioned anything negative about the smell. You’ll just need to remember to dump it a little more often!

6. OXO Good Grips Easy-Clean Compost Bin

Compost Bin for Kitchen

This bin ticks off a lot in terms of functionality. The lid stays up on its own, it has little room for odors to escape, and the sleek interior lining makes cleaning it a breeze.

It is also small in size and sleek in design for your counter top!

I hope that you all feel a little more inspired to compost. I know that a cute product can improve my drive to make a change in my life!

Compost Bin for Kitchen

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