My Best Goodwill Outlet Thrifting Finds

“Hey Macklemore, let’s go thrift shopping”

Thrift Shop by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis


I love going to the goodwill outlet also known as the ‘bins.’ You get a great price on items while also saving them from the landfill #sustainability.

The quality of items at the Bins does depend on where you live but at the location near my house, I definitely find some amazing treasures. Here are my favorites of all time

1. Manolo Blahnik Shell Heals

When I found the first one they actually weren’t together but after some digging, I found it’s match and my day was made!

2. Marc Jacobs Sequined Blazer

This blazer sold for $1,000 new…I got it for the ripe price of $1.00.

Double score for it being my size. There are some imperfections on the sequins but for the price, worth it. (I didn’t have any cute pictures of me in it but I found the same one online above).

3. Hermes Mohair Muffler Shawl Scarf

This item had been picked over by so many people. But I spotted the Hermes tag and grabbed it fast.

At first glance, it looks like an old scarf, but after laying it out and putting it on correctly, it is BEAUTIFUL. I was originally going to send it in to the Real Real (luxury consignment shop) but after wearing it on valentines day, I fell in love!

4. Louis Vuitton Genois Cup Crossbody Bag

Yep, you read that, Louis Vuitton at the Bins! I remember when I found it, I saw a little zipper that said Louis Vuitton peaking out. I grabbed it and after some examination, I was almost positive it was real (spoiler: it was!)

I’m guessing it was still there because it does not look like the typical Louis Vuitton purse.

That is why it is important to do brand research when reselling… You might find that hidden treasure others aren’t aware of!

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