My go-to Dollar Tree Items for Reselling

A little disclaimer: The Dollar Tree may not be the most sustainable place in the world so this post focuses on a more frugal lense.

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, you should not be spending a ton on your business until you get a large return. Here are a few items to help you maximize profits through your reselling hustle.

LA’s TOTALLY AWESOME All-Purpose Oxygen Base Cleaner

A cheap alternative for cleaning items from the thrift store! It is similar to oxi-clean but way cheaper and reviews are amazing!

They also make a spray if you prefer that

Magic Eraser

These are so overpriced for the name brand. Sure these ones break apart easier but I think it’s still worth it fiscally!


In the floral section, they have a pack of three for $1.00 I use it for packaging and it lasts forever! Click here to see how I package my items with it!

Packing Tape

The first time you buy tape you need to buy a roll from a store but then you can reuse the tape dispenser and get this packing tape. It is a little thin, but I have never had a problem with a package opening in transit.

Tissue Paper

The best deal I have found is at Costco during the holidays. But if you are off-season, you can get 30 pieces of white for $1.00 #Deals

Poster Board

It is what I use for all of my photos, the cover shot for this post was taken on it! For only $0.50, it creates clean and clear pictures.

Measuring Tape

You need one for reselling. Buyers will ask you for measurements because they cannot try on the items. Bonus points if your Dollar Tree has a clothing measuring tape.

Who doesn’t love the Dollar Tree?

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