Poshmark Photo Tips; Take Your Own Stock Photos

Professional looking photos are a great way to have your items stand out to buyers. While many people still use them, taking stock photo’s from retailers is actually illegal! Here are some Poshmark photo tips for taking your own stock photos!

Below are some of my photos that I took using this method!

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What You'll Need:

  • Camera (I use my iPhone 11!)
  • White poster board
  • White Wall  or White Photo Backdrop with Nail
  • Day Light or Cool Light Lightbulb
  • Snapseed App


Photo by Alex Andrews from Pexels

This step is pretty straight forward. Just make sure you have a good quality camera!

I started out using an iPhone 6 but when I upgraded to the 11 my cover photos improved SO much. 

White Poster Board

I recommend getting two different types of white poster board

Tri-fold board for items that need to sit straight up such as purses or boots. This makes it so you can still have a white background while keeping it’s shape.

Plain large flat poster for shoes or other items you want for flat-lay cover shots

You can get these for super cheap at most general stores. Including Wal-Mart and the Dollar Tree!

White Light Bulb

Photo by Dids from Pexels

This one is for those of us that don’t have a ring light. What I have been doing since the beginning is using my Ikea Hektar Lamp as a sort of makeshift ring light.

It has a flexible head and points down making it a great light source for photos! Any lamp similar to this one should work!

White Wall with a Hook

poshmark photo tips

This is what I use for clothing photos! It is simple, chic, and cheap. The photos that grab my attention are ones where the clothing are clearly showcased with little distraction or background.

I simply hang my clothes up on a nail on the wall, point my Ikea Hektar Lamp at the item, and snap the pic!

Here is a Pop up White Background on Amazon for $45.99 (affiliate link) if you do not have a white wall!

Snapseed App

I think this is the most important step of my Poshmark photo tips! This app is a godsend. It is free, easy to use, and fast! 

How to use it:

      1. Upload photo
      2. Click Tools; then “Selective”
      3. Click on one of the corners of the photo
      4. Make sure the “B” is showing on the circle
      5. Increase the brightness of the area by swiping right
      6. Repeat for all four corners or any spots that are still not completely white

Do you do anything different for your photos?

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