Sustainable Underwear Brands that are Actually Cute

I try to buy second-hand whenever possible but underwear is one item I would personally not buy used. For those of you who are with me, I compiled a list of sustainable underwear brands to choose from!

One thing I really look for when shopping for undies is how cute they are. For some reason, when I think of sustainability I think of unflattering shapes and weird patterns. Why should we compromise feeling cute and sexy to help the word? Below are cute sustainable underwear brands I found!

Composition: Organic Cotton

Pros: Fair Trade, Feminine

Price Range: $12 for single pair

Deals: 20% off first order;

Get a 6 pack of Thongs for $60

Pact is by far one of my favorite Sustainable underwear brands. While they are made of eco fabrics they still have cute and sexy styles to make you feel and look feminine!

Pact not only sells Underwear but clothing and other accessories as well. 

Composition: Lenzing Modal Tencel

Pros: Flatlock stitching (no panty lines!)

Price Range: $20 for single pair;  $52 for 4-Pack

Deals: Free Shipping to US on orders over $75

Stripe & Stare originated in the UK and they are known for their ‘Knicker Box’ (4 pairs for $52)

They have been reviewed by others as the ‘Softest’ and ‘Most comfortable’ pairs of underwear they have ever worn.

While their products are produced in China they have stated they are done so ethically. In addition to Underwear, they sell Bras and Pajamas!

Sustainable Underwear Brands WAMA
Photo Courtesy of WAMA Underwear

Composition: 53% hemp / 44% organic cotton / 3% spandex

Pros: Flexible waistband and Hemp has many benefits (antibacterial and long lasting!)

Price Range: $20 for single pair;  $57 for 3-Pack


  • Free Shipping to US 
  • 20% off first order

3-Pack of Thongs for $57

WAMA sustainable underwear is based out of L.A.and their mission is to kickstart the Hemp underwear revolution! They commit to, “Fair wages and quality working environments” for their factories.

Something I learned from them is the many benefits of Hemp underwear including it being anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and has UV protection.

Composition: 80% recycled plastic bottles (RPET), 20% spandex

Pros: Seemless, Lightweight, and Breathable

Price Range: $14 for single pair

Deals: Mix & Match Underwear or Socks to save!

Buy 2, save $2
Buy 3, save $4
Buy 4, save $8

My Favorite Thing – Cute Seamless Thong

The Girlfriend Collective is a great sustainable underwear brand! Their underwear is both comfortable and cute. Not to mention, they are committed to environmental change. You can even recycle your product with “ReGirlfriend.”

While supplies last as of June 2020 “100% of net proceeds from this launch will be donated to organizations who are providing meaningful support and services to Black communities.”

Composition: 95% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton; 5% Elastane

Pros: T-Shaped seams prevents them from digging in at your hips!

Price Range: $13 for single pair; $48 for Bamboo material

Deals: Join their email list and get 10% of your first order; Free Shipping on orders over $75

My Favorite Thing – Low Rise Thong in Butterscotch 

Made Trade is an online shop with a variety of products all made sustainably and ethically! From houseware to well undies they have a ton. Definitely check them out.

In regards to underwear they have some from the brand “Knicky” that are made of 95% cotton and run about $13. They also carry a brand “Mary Young” made out of Bamboo that will cost you around $50. A little steeper price tag but also a more sustainable product. I would go with the $13 pair personally!

Thanks for reading!

What is your favorite sustainable underwear brand?

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  1. Yayyy! This was a fun read. I love PACT everything, their underwear especially. Good to know there are other brands that make cute and sustainable undies!

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