Selling Clothes Online and what Platform You Should Use


The type of items that sell best on Poshmark for me is name brands. The platform revolves around shopping by brand as most people do not shop their home “feed.” 

Items that 18-34 year olds would wear and are on “trend” although being on trend means something different to every person, I think that ‘Boho Chic’ does the best.

I also list shoes and purses on here that are more than 1 lb due to the lower shipping cost!

Brands: Free People, Kate Spade, Anthropologie, Aritzia, Mother, Hunter, Coach


I sell lower quality items well  on Mercari, mall brands or bread and butter items.  The reason why I stick to those on here is because the buyers do not low-ball as much as other platforms so you can get a good profit from those items!

Mercari doesn’t have a set commission for low priced items they stick to their normal 10% and you can choose your own shipping. I tend to list lightweight and cheaper items on here because of this.

Mercari is also has my highest average sale price, more than double that of Poshmark! 

Brands: Pink, Patagonia, Lululemon, North Face, Nike, Beauty Products

selling clothes online


Mature brands for the older generations sell well for me. My parent’s generation grew up using EBay so it is only natural that they continue using it even with other selling platforms on the rise.

People on Ebay typically buy at cost or their offers are fairly reasonable. You can also choose your own shipping so lighter items are good for this platform.

EBay is my least used platform so I am still exploring it!

Brands: Tory Burch, Lululemon, Eileen Fisher, and St. John. 

Buy/Sell Trade Stores

Success at Buy/Sell/Trade stores is very dependent on your area. I suggest having your limit and if they don’t take them then they don’t take them.

Do not sell inventory here that you think you could get a better profit on another platform unless you are trying to get fast cash!

I sell lower end items that are on trend and in the current season. Most places care about style while I have found that online reselling platforms care about brand more.

Brands: Target, Brandy Melville, BP

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